Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost 3 kg

<3 Ive got a big thing for skinny thighs at the moment and sharp hip bones. <3

Okay so it is the morning and its true i havent eaten anything yet. But now i weigh 62kg. Im very pleased but its not enough. I need to loose more. Today im going to go for a jog. And continue my soup diet. I put my favourite fake tan on so immediately i feel like i lost 2 kg but i gotta be smart and know as soon as my pale skin comes back ill feel fat and ugly. I know i can be strong and stick to my diet. I want to be below 60kg before i got back to my home town in aus where all my friends live. I want to impress when i get back to england. I want to be desired. I want to be ano thin. I want this so bad. I can do it.

I posted it before but this thinspiration is nothing less than amazing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The old Me

This is the old me...look how skinny i am. My dress is falling off me. I will be like this again. I will be skinny. Look at my arms. There like little sticks. No fat on my face. I want to be like this again. Now i weigh 65kg, Thats disgusting. Im on holiday in australia at the moment for 3 weeks. By the time i go home i will be under 60kg...aiming for 57. I can do it right? Believe in yourself lovely me. And stick to your soup diet. We can be beautiful and Thin...we can do this...x