Friday, September 25, 2009

Heart & Stomach

Boy oh boy, i dunno what to do. My heart is so mixed up and its all cause of hot guy. He got really drunk a week or so back and sent me a text saying he loved me? WTF? He was really drunk though and said he'd got into a fight (this was at like 4am). So i called him and he was like "blar blar blar...i love you!" i was like omg omg omg omg ive just met this guy! The stupid stupid STUPID thing was ...i kindda liked it. I know i know im crazy but at least i played it cool. It did freak me out a little at the time so i was like "um...thank you?" than he was like "i know you dont love me but i love you. Lets make a relationship!" lol i was like whaaa!!!!??!?! "tell me this when you're sober!"

And bom bom boooooommm!!! He didnt say anything when he was sober! Stupid prick! But things were going alright, he was being really affectionate and nice to me for a week or so. But a couple days ago i stayed at his house and than the next day he didnt really txt me and i invited him over the next day and he text back saying maybe next time! ARSE HOLE! There are so many better ways to turn down an invite! Any way we didnt talk for a day or so and i just txt him than asking what he's up to and he just wrote back utter shit. Arrgh its not even worth the effort of writting down! It just plays with my heart. I shouldnt have let myself trust him! STUPID!

As for my stomach...its hungry! Yes today i ate less than i normally do! Im very proud of myself. Only two meals - cereal for breakfast and a salad wrap for dinner with some fruit and raw veg inbetween! I'll try again tomorrow for the same amount!

Hope everyone else is staying strong! Take care xxoo

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