Saturday, January 14, 2012


I've lost.
And there is nothing i can do.
I could be skin and bone,
But i cant change my face.
Maybe if i was more beautiful he wouldnt have left me.
He would have waited.
Why do i care so much?
He's always been this way

He is with her, and nothing i do will change that
I hope he fucks it up with her like he fucked it up with me
Like he fucked it up with the girl he was with before me
Like he fucked up his life.

I barely ate today.
Im not hungry
I feel sick.
I wish for skin and bone.
I wish for happiness
I wish for him

1 comment:

Emily said...

Doll, he's not worth you. It sounds like he's a shitty guy and you came out ahead. It may hurt now but you can put all that energy into looking fabulous and showing him what he's missing. Depression is the best motivation for change, no? You can do it. I'm sorry he hurt you so bad...:(