Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm Back

Okay guys, ive been gone for a little while but im back now!

Ive got the right mentality to make this shit work.
Ive got the "hunger" to be thin.
And its starting today- not new years not tomorrow not in an hours time...

Im gonna start eating 50% less and jogging every second day.

Whats on my plate, im going to halve.
I dont care how hungry i am, i dont care who sees and gives me that disapproving eye.

I don't wanna say if i was skinny he wouldn't have left me, cause i know there was more to it than that... but i still think it. I see skinny girls and im like if i was that petite, if my hair and make up were that good he would definitely have thought twice!

Okay so any way i want to be 54kg...but my first goal is 57kg.
I'm at 60kg now resting weight. (however i have been eating lately like a fucking Ethiopian
family at a free banquet on Christmas) so that might actually be a bit higher this very moment.

Its NYE in 5 days, if i crush diet i reckon i can loose a bit of weight between now and than. How
many kilos you reckon without my mum getting worried? Im staying with my folks for 4 days so ill have to borrow her shoes and start jogging down here. Hmmm 2 kg? 3 kg? I love intense short term goals...i might even fast today. Yeah that sounds like a great idea to start off my weight loss. Just hope dad doesnt say....LETS ALL GO OUT FOR LUNCH~ In that case ill impliment my 50% less rule and ill go for the lest fatty lest sugary option.

Now to my fellow readers if your even out there...some ana tricks please? I know most of you have insane will power and just say no when your starving but im not there yet. What trick do u have? Do you drink diet coke? Chew gum? How do you get people off your back and make it look like you ate more food?

I really want to do this...i was looking at old photos of me and i use to be SOOOOO skinny in high school like crazy skinny. I was wearing size 8 shorts...thats size 2 for my american followers. Thats pretty good for a girl who's like 5'8''. And than i was skinny for a year out of school than it all went to shit.

So if nothing for nye all want is my upper thighs to get skinnier. They're doing the drumstick thing. Its gross and my arse tightens all my clothes! NO love handles either!

Girls i will get skinny....Believe me i can do this. I will be 57kg by NYE!

Some photos of want to look like -


Aubrie said...

hey! okay, so i am prety much starting over too. feelin huge u know. some tricks that have worked for me is, yes diet pop and sugar free gum, but mostly staying away from food and keeping yourself busy. girl, you should try on your swimsuit. that will keep you from eating. it worked for me at least. do yoga or take naps. working out helps... i mean you cant really eat if youre at the gym :)

Ana's Girl said...

Keep yourself busy and constantly look at thinspo. you'll do fantastic.