Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sticking to the new diet regime is difficult. More difficult than i expected after the first week. Im getting hunger headaches and eating the cookies again.

But my eating amounts and habits are still much betterthan a fortnight ago and im eating less.

Its just hard to hide my hunger from my work collegues. My mouth is too loose and i always say things like 'im so hungry!' or just stare hard out at people eating food i would LOVE to binge on!

Ive been to scared to jump back on the scales to see if my weight has gone up. I was so proud of myself breaking into the 50s.

I saw my ex this weekend and used with him. I dont know if i loved it or hated it. I loved the feeling of just not being hungry at all! Of my stomach growling because i hadnt eaten anything all day but i jsut wanted hungry! And all that energy...but than it wore off and i just felt edgey sad and...weird. so tired!

Im not drinking as much though, but im living for the weekends when i can get pissed off my face.

Im waiting for a new challenge to come into my life. I want change. I scares the hell outta me but i love it...God my posts are boring!

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Ana's Girl said...

At least your consciously making an effort to eat less! That's progress right there.

I know what you mean about slipping and saying your hungry and staring at people who are eating. I do it sometimes too; i mean, it's so awfully hard not to! But i'm getting used to it and getting better.

Ha. Yeah right, boring posts. Your posts are so boring that i've read every single one the whole way through since i found your blog.

I really think you look pretty skinny and good in the picture. Keep up the good work.