Wednesday, July 22, 2009

small win

Ive set myself an eating plan, and ive stuck to it for the last two days.

Im happy, its a small win. Im going to see how much weight i loose if i stick to this for 2 weeks. Im only eating muesli and yogurt breakfast, 3 peices of fruit for lunch and 99% fat free soup for dinner with rye bread. Roughly about 700 cals a day.

I really want to be under 60kg before i go overseas.

I really want to have smaller portion sizes and less meals. I want to be that girl that leaves over half the food on her plate, i want to be that girl that says no thank you to food.

When i go over seas i know im not gonna have alot of money to buy food and im worried all ill eat is 2min noodles and they're the worst thing u can eat. They make you so fat. I refuse to get fatter than i am, specially in another country while im on holidays taking a million photos!

My housemates cooked brownies today and i ate a little one. Im very dissappointed in myself for that but i REALLY want to go out there and hoe down on another one but i wont! so plus probably another 200cals for that one brownie :( :(

but yesterday and today i didnt touch the cookie jar, and some fat bitch offered me cake and i was like "no thanks!" damn proud!!! The poeple i work with are starting to get sus on me. They keep asking me if ive eaten today, one even said "Do you ever eat anything?". I think they're sus on me cause i always watch what they eat like a hawk. Because i soooooo want to eat that dirty pasta, or that big ol' cookie but i cant, i wont!

I can do this, i have this, i will be thin!


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