Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Muffin Temptation

I went to work today and was determined to eat well slash nothing. I had a healthy breakfast (muesli and fat free yogurht with skim milk). But low and behold what did the fat call centre people bring out for brunch? FUCKING MUFFINS! Little tiny cute adorable parsels of F-A-T!!! You could actually see the oil in these babies just dripping and being all disgusting and deliously fatty... blarrr!!!!

I ate two...im so ashamed!

But to my credit (although i dont deserve any) i stayed the fuck away from the cookie jar and if they'd been no muffin temptation i wouldnt have eaten sweets all day...which doesnt really count in the long run does it? Cause i still failed.

And even more so when i got home. I was starving and got into my flatmates terrible tuna pasta bake which was just aweful..it didnt even taste good. So i hoed into that, than i still wasnt satisfied so i had a small bowl of muesli thaaann i was still hungry so i cooked up chicken and veggies and doused it in bbq sauce. WTF

MAN I FELT SOOOOO GUILTY! So i went and had a shower and throw up all the chicken and veggies till i started seeing pasta in my upchuck. I stopped after that. I wanted to keep going but i always add over half a jar to chili flakes to every meal and it was burning my throat something chronic...

I know its bad, but im so glad i thru it up. Im glad that disgusting fat is out of my stomach! I just have to apply my cookie jar mind trip on other foods now.

Buuuuttt the fatties had little pancakes with jam and cream today in a meeting and i ate one and than i was like nooooooooooooooooo cellulite thighs fatty knees beer belly! And i stopped...so proud of myself!

Now i just gotta get that ana disapline back....hmm any tips??!!

This thinspo is pretty old and you've probably seen it before but i fucking love it so im reposting it...enjoy x

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