Monday, July 6, 2009

My friends get skinnier as i get Fatter!

I have this slight obesession with one of my old friends.

Shes skinnier than me and more fashionable and currently in london!


Any way there is no more potent thinspiration than when u go on facebook only to see beautiful photo's of your friend looking insanely skinny!

I will loose weight. I will look like her starting from today im only eating breakfast - muesli
brunch - banana
lunch - nothing!!!
tea - apple
dinner - small bowl fat free soup or home made veggie soup

i will loose weight i have to set myself a goal!

any way here's a depressive thinspo shot of my beautiful friend...

Post Note: I tried today but failed. I ate two cookies at work and felt like a completely c*nt, than came home and ate my weight in veggie stew. Than my flatmate made cookies and i chowed down on 2 of them, felt so guilty had a shower and through them back up, along with most of my veggie stew dinner. Feeling much better now but still like a failure. Tomorrow will hopefully be better! By the end of this month i will weigh 57kg or less!!! xx

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sadhana said...

This is me thanking you for the comment you left me thanking me for the comment I left you.

Yeah, get out of the call center the first chance you get! Ha ha!

Anyway, you are right about the temptation thing - the less I eat and the more I don't give in, the easier it gets. I'm really getting off on this idea of not having to eat so much - like, I don't need that much food to survive and I actually feel better being hungry than I do when I am full, you know?

Your friend is beautiful, but I bet you are more beautiful then her, you just don't realize it (which is a good thing because honestly, who wants to be around someone who KNOWS that they are perfect?!) Stay strong, you will reach your goal :) I can't wait to see your post when you reach 57kg at the end of the month (or sooner!)