Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Dream

Hey this is just a quick post to say im totally going to try and not eat anything besides breakfast today! I know i wont be able to do it, positive mind but...thats what they say right? Plus im flying up to my home town today so i should be able to keep my mind off food!

And i also wanted to record this fucking crazy arse dream i had! Dont worry i wont make it long and involved, it was just a quick dream anyway but what do you reckon it means? It scared the fuck out of me while i was dreaming it and after i woke up.

So anyway im in a bathroom with these girls that i just met a couple weeks ago for one day, and they're like let us do your makeup? And i was like okay but not too much, i really want to look natural today. Anyway they put all this foundation on me. Its totally the wrong colour when i look in the mirror and on my forhead there is a big orange smudge in the shape of a cross which reachs a little down my nose. so i start to rub it and it starts turning black and now there is this massive black cross smudged on my forhead! Suddenly its like looking into a screen and the background of the cross turns blood orange and black bats start flying out of the black cross ON MY FRIGEN FORHEAD. Needless to say im completely freaked out and the girl behind me starts screaming and i full into the bathtub behind me. The girl starts calling my name and i want to answer her and i feel normal but something is inside me is pulling my soul about, and all i can answer back is this demonic crazy growl and she freaks out and runs out and inside of my body i conciously say to myself 'god protect me, god look after me, god keep all the evil away from me and anything scary, god save me!' and i wake up in my bed!

If thats not the scariest fucking dream in the world i dunno what is! And thats not the first dream ive had like that, its just the first one in a long time...errr i hate this shit!

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