Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hung Over

I’m so angry at myself. Today I ate so much food! Last night I went to a house party and got absolutely wasted and in the alcohol alone there would have been enough sugar and calories but for me, when I'm hung over I’m always soooooo hungry the next day- ravenous! And I crave carbs and oily food. So I woke up and had popcorn because I was at someone else’s house and I was like what the hell (I’m so stupid) than I came home and at Korean instant noodles which I know for a fat a loaded with fat and of course they're carbs, than I had tuna on Jatz than omg that's not all I than had spaghetti and Neapolitan sauce with cheese. I can’t believe how much of a fatty I was today sooooo I decided that the spaghetti had to come back up and it just wouldn’t budge! I was so angry at myself for not being able to throw it back up...arr so annoying! And I’m still fricken hungry even now...but I’m just drinking tea, hoping it will curve my hunger.

Oh and I ate chocolate today for the first time since ash day Wednesday. Lent is over so I don’t have anything holding me back from eating it again...I’m scared ill balloon up, I have no self control! Shit....

Weight: 62.7

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