Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fake it

Well I think I've been doing pretty well, although I don’t like to give myself praise cause then I’m like 'oh I’ve done well I can eat that bit of chocolate or that pasta' when actually NO I can’t!!! But since coming down to live with my folks I haven’t put on any weight and I think at least that’s a positive sign. I’m a bit cranky though because lately it’s like I’ve forgotten my technique and now I can’t throw up my dinner. It’s REALLY pissing me off! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong - whether I’m not drinking enough water during each mouthful of food or if my fingers just aren’t hitting the right place but its making me sad because I think about all that fatty food in my tummy being transferred down to my butt, thighs and knees. I dunno about you guys, but my knees are disgusting! They're so fat and cellutlitey and to make matters worse I just scrubbed off all my fake tan the other day and now I’m ghostly white! I can’t believe I am so pale. It looks like I’ve never seen the sun in my life but its like hello? I’m not albino! But yeah anyway I scrubbed it all off because I’m going back up to my home town to be with my friends for my birthday and I want to put on the fake tan with even skin tone underneath, no dirty crap around my knees or elbows!

Decides all this today I did wellish. Breakfast - toasted muesli with fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and honey
Afternoon tea - chicken (with skin) salad sandwich
Snacks - apple and banana
Drink - lots of water

So that’s fairly good right? Plus I went for a jog this afternoon. If only I could eat healthy like this every day! Although the muesli did have a lot of sugar in it, it kept me full for ages! Arr anyway here is some leg thinspo because I’m obsessed with knees!

See how the tops of her knee's dont have any cellulite? Grr i wish mine looked like that!

Sooooo beautiful skinny but still shapely...bitch!

Weight p.m : 62.2

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