Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favourite

Well im hungry and searching the cupboards for something to eat but everything is too fatty or sugary or just ggrr! And to make matters worse all my brothers friends ordered delivery pizza, so i had to go to my and look up some thinspo and i decided to post some of my favourites on here. Im really picky about my thinspo and i like certain things - skinny arms, skinny legs but still shapely! long torsos and the likes. I also prefer Fashion Photography of skinny girls rather than home taken shots, but some of these girls are just to beautiful to not post! So any way here are a few of my favourites... Enjoy!

Oh and my tip of the week - When you're hungry and you dont want to eat anything make a large cup of tea and if you have sugar try to cut it back alot! If you're still hungry make another one!


Weight p.m : 63.6

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