Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 things

I learnt two things today

1. I'm always hungry, even if ive eaten a healthy breakfast and for lunch a big bowl of soup!
2. I have to start trying to fast again, or at least only eating one meal a day!

I ate so much today, i had an insatiable hunger. And I allowed myself to eat what i liked and not purge at all - i just didnt stop shoveling food into my mouth. I was a bottomless pitt...

So i must start 'fasting' again.
Counting calories.
I love that absolute control and sense of triumph i feel when i say no to food and walk away. Its intoxicating! I've felt it before and I'll feel it again.

Posting some thinspo about skinny faces as my face is like the moon! I dont know if this is because im continuely throwing up and thats what makes my face puffy, or its just all the fatty fluid stock piled there...its probably both!

This last photo isnt of a face but its the epitomy of everything i want my body to be!

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