Thursday, May 21, 2009

Real Girl

These are un photoshoped pictures of a real girl that i know! I stole them off facebook so i hope she never finds my site! Ive only spoken to her a couple times but she's good friends with a girl i use to be good friends with. She is everything i want to be physically...Skinny as fuck, tan, petite and just short enough to wear heels and not tower over men!

Look how thin her thighs are, her arms, how flat her stomach is,
her fucking chest bones!
Im about as fat as the girl on the left.

Seriously, look at her her fucking ribs! Theyre well sticking out!

Fuck it...looking at her has inspired me not to eat any dinner. Ive been eating to much lately anyway. This will be good for me and tomorrow I'll go for a jog. Ive been jogging again lately and im really glad i started up again! I love the burn, it makes me feel like im actually murdering those calories my body forces me to eat!

Soon, when i move out of home ill try fasting again. And if anyone who reads my site is fasting and is in need of a good pick-me-up to get you through the day, in Australia they sell these weight loss pills (in priceline or any where) theyre called Xantrax. Theyre not the 'real' thing but they work well enough for me and theyre absolutely loaded with caffeine. I cant take them unless im doing something that day because its like taking speed i swear! But they give you a ton of energy so i reccomend trying it. Beware the next day but...

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