Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Approach

I've been away from my blog lately. I dunno i just got tired of always counting calories, or at least looking at them. I got tired of ALWAYS looking in the mirror and hating what i saw.

Ive eaten more in the last week than i have in ages....but i got on the scales and WTF i weighed what normally takes me two days of half arsed fasting to achieve! I dont get it at all. So i ended up binging a bit tonight. And of course i tried to purge but no luck. It wasnt coming back up!

Ive decided im going to take a new approach. I want to be hell skinny thats for sure. But i realise fasting isnt going to get me there, at the moment im just not cut out for it. But im not completely ruling it out.

Instead what im going to do is a controled eating plan. Im going to eat breakfast (something healthy), as i feel this is very important meal. And for lunch ill have something light like a peice of fruit or what not. Than for dinner will be early in the afternoon and it'll be something healthy say salad and tuna or salad and skinless chicken breast...and maybe a idaho patatoe if im feeling generous. This may seem like a lot of food but its similar to what i did in high school and that got me down to 54kg from 61 sooo its gotta work. I'll also try and exercise! I am not an exercise person i HATE it! But in the name of being thin...ill do anything.

We'll see how this goes, things might get a little more intense when i move out of home in 2 weeks ...cant wait !!!

Good luck with the weight loss ladies!!! xx

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SkinnyBitch said...

Haha. It didn't offend me, I agree. I have a huge thinspo bank and I post the first 15 then discard them, so they may or may not be the super skinny ones.

Personally, I think the bones look is disgusting, but it's obviously just a matter of preferance. I think thin and toned is sexy, and I'm a rather sex-driven person (lol!) So I prefer that over bony. I'll post more diverse pictures from now on to appeal to the individual.

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