Tuesday, May 5, 2009


YAY! Okay so today i barely ate at all and the best bit was i wasnt even hungry or feeling like mmm i wanna snack. I saw the crackers and the cookies i normally snack on and i was like no!

I did plan to fast today butttttt i decided not to, its a cop out and i do feel a bit like a failure however my father brought me sushi and i cant say no to sushi!!! I LOVE sushi!! And i was going to eat a banana tonight anyway ....

So thats all im going to eat today, well that and i had one bite of my dads sandwich (casue he wouldnt leave me alone about it) and like 5 grapes.Yay this is sooooo good for me. Tomorrow im going to do the same. Not eat until 6pm at night or something!

I weighted myself just before and i was down to 61.5 - thats what i was before i left for my hometown on my birthday. Im going to do this only eating one meal a day thing for as long as i can with maybe a whole day of fasting in there somewhere. Its just hard for my parents not to notice, they're so use to me being a bottomless pit. Err distgusting

I want to be 59 before i move back to my home town. I know i can do it and from there...its only down baby! I will be skinny, I will lose all the fat in my face, my arse, my thighs, my tummy will be flat!

ps i spoke to that girl who wanted to bash me on friday night and aplogized...it was weird but im glad i did it. But i honestly cant wait to get the fuck out of this city!

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