Friday, May 15, 2009

How can i make this real?

I was in the shower tonight looking at my body and thinking what do i have to do to make this real for myself? What do i have to do to make myself realise I AM GETTING REALLY FAT?

I was looking at my thighs and my love handles, looking at my protruding tummy thinking isnt this enough? Doesnt this make you want to change the way you eat?

I cant get my head around the fact that this will be a massive effort and i have to start not at the start of the new week, not tomorrow morning but NOW!

Today i didnt snack but i still ate to much.

Breakfast - unsweetened muesli with 2 strawberries and low fat milk
Lunch - packet of nuts, banana and mandarin
Snack - about 5 homemade small sushi rolls and miso soup, 1x low fat yoghurt

This is all ill eat today! Tomorrow ill hopefully do better, and get my sorry arse into my jogging gear and go for a run...

weight: 63.5

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