Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well i didnt do as well today, i weighed myself before i ate anything and i was 0.7kg (thats 1.5 lbs) over what i was the day before! I was heart broken but still it didnt stop me pigging out today. I want to work out how many calories i consumed ...

So i woke up and didnt eat anything until my dad brought that same sandwich he had yesterday and insisted i eat some! So i had a bite damn! Any way i had an apple and a banana through out the day becasue i was just so friggen hungry! And than for my main meal i had sushi again with miso soup. Im not sure how bad miso soup is but i presume its not great in the calorie department.. :(

But im doing sooooo much better, im really happy with myself and im eating slower and with lots of water inbetween bites, i couldnt even finish my sushi (which wasnt much at all) and im sooooo full!

I really want to be under 60kg before i go back to my home town! I hate in photos when you see the fat around my face errr! And today i was wearing old trackpants and i saw my shadow against the wall - my arse looked ENORMOUS! It was digusting!

One more thing i have to mention is dont you fucking HATE it when you sit next to someone fat and you can hear them breathing heavy and pursing their lips and just errr its GROSS i hate it. And ive had to sit next to some FAT arse man every morning this week...

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