Monday, May 4, 2009


I dont know if i mentioned it before but the 'friend' who was suppose to stay over last friday night and go out with me didnt end up coming. I said i didnt care...but i obviously did and just didnt want to admit it to myself, cause that night i went out and got wasted with my bro's friends who are kind of my friends and i mean absolutely wrecked, and apparently i was a bitch/princess to them. Oops!

I dont remember being like that, but than i never remember anything when i get drunk. Apparently i pissed this one chick off so much she wanted to bash me and had to go away and sober up so she wouldnt hit me. I dont remember that at all, although i do remember my mentality being really angry and frustrated. I didnt want to be with them, but i didnt want to be home alone and i guess i just lost control. The big smoke is really getting to me i cant handle it down here with no friends, no job and nothing to do all day. I want to go back to my home town. Im tired of being a hermit! And im becoming really depressed...maybe there is a way of channeling this sorrow into weight loss?

Today I did better again. Im trying hard not to snack but its really hard, im like a cow i just graze!
Breakfast: Cereal with milk and strawberries
Lunch: Salad and tuna, 1/2 bake patatoe
Snacks: apple, grapes, 1x cookie, 1x cracker, carrot stick

I'll try my hardest not to eat anything else today and i also went for a 90min walk today so....

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SkinnyBitch said...

On fasting:

Here's the thing...I've worked really hard to get my metabolism to where it does burn fat when I don't eat. I work out a lot when I fast, too.

I end up losing about 4 pounds when I fast (pounds that I don't gain back), BUT, I wouldn't recommend it for most people.

The reason I fasted this time around wasn't for the weight loss, but to take away the pleasure of food as "punishment" for being lazy and not meeting my goal.